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2019 Fee: $4,500 LFG
S- A.P. Indy
D- Quiet Eclipse

Court Vision

2019 Fee: $3,500 LFG
S- Gulch
D- Weekend Storm

Fast Prize Jordan

2019 Fee: $2,500
S- PYC Paint Your Wagon
D- Fast Prize Doll

FDD Going Grand

2019 Fee: $2,25000
S- FDD Dynasty
D- Cash Cartel

First Prize Doc

2019 Fee: $1,500
S- PYC Paint Your Wagon
D- First Prize Dash


2019 Fee: $4,500
S-  Tiznow
D-  Crystal Shard


2019 Fee: $1,900
S- Separatist
D- A Delightful Legacy

Mr Piloto

2019 Fee: $2,500
S- Mr Jess Perry
D- Ms Pilot Point

The Louisiana Cartel

2019 Fee: $6,000
S- Corona Cartel
D- The Louisiana Girl

You Drive I Fly

2019 Fee: $2,000
S- Jet Black Patriot
D- Shakemupperry